Today Could Be Your First Day of Penis Health Care

Even the most health-conscious guy rarely gives much thought to penis health care. After all, penis care goes along with the rest of the personal hygiene ritual: a shower every day or so, clean clothes and protection when it’s called for – maybe even a shave down there now and then – should be more than enough to keep the penis in decent shape, right? Actually, wrong. The penis skin is delicate, and it can receive some rough treatment on occasion. Not paying proper attention to penis health care (for example: not using penis-specific vitamins and minerals to provide the nourishment needed to keep the penile skin healthy and youthful) can result in a variety of health problems that can cause discomfort, loss of sensation, and even erectile dysfunction.Why is penis health care so important?Keep it clean and moisturized – No guy wants to get caught up in an intimate moment, only to realize that things aren’t as fresh and pleasant as they should be. Keeping the penis clean and well-moisturized with a specialized penis formula can prevent odor-causing bacteria from developing, causing that familiar, yet embarrassing smell.In addition, moisturizing the penis skin is necessary to prevent the development of small fissures in the outer dermal layer which can allow harmful bacteria to penetrate and cause infection. Moisturizing with ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E also helps to keep the penis skin soft, supple, and sensitive to stimulation, as well as preventing premature wrinkling and other unattractive skin issues.Boost the healing ability of the penile skin – The friction caused by masturbation and sex has been shown to damage the delicate nerve tissue along the shaft and head of the penis. Over time, this can lead to a loss of penis sensation that may result in diminished sexual pleasure, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, and inability to reach orgasm. By providing the penis skin with important healing and tissue-building nutrients such as vitamins B5, C and D, as well as the amino acids needed for the creation of new nerve tissue, can help to boost the body’s natural healing ability and prevent a devastating loss of penis sensitivity.Protect the penis from environmental contaminants – Numerous environmental agents, including UV rays, as well as the chemicals found in many cleansers and detergents, can affect the body’s ability to repair damaged skin cells. This can eventually lead to irreversible skin damage, including premature wrinkling and even skin cancer Antioxidants such as vitamins A and C can protect the skin cells from the oxidization process caused by free radicals.Promote optimum circulation – Providing the penis with circulatory support from nutrients such as vitamin C – an important component in the formation and maintenance of healthy blood vessels – can help to keep the penis oxygenated, stimulate proper blood flow, and prevent disfiguring conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, which causes the penis to bend or curve painfully during an erection.Best penis health care productsWhile many skin care products contain some combination of ingredients that are recommended for overall moisturizing and rejuvenation of the skin cells, caring for the penis requires a penis-specific solution that contains no chemical fragrances or dyes and can be safely applied directly to the penis skin. Experts recommend using a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that can help to prevent common penis problems such as dry skin,redness and irritation, foul odors, diminished penis sensitivity and poor circulation. The benefits provided by penis vitamins, minerals and amino acids can boost the ability of the penile skin to heal quickly after minor injuries, maintain a youthful look and feel, and keep men of all ages feeling great and performing at their best.

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Commercial Lender Changes Hurt Small Business Financing Options

Most small business owners are likely to be severely impacted by recent commercial lender changes. In almost all cases, the business lending changes are permanent and cannot be avoided if a commercial borrower wants to continue their present banking relationship. One noteworthy exception is illustrated by a few new and more flexible commercial lending sources.One of the biggest commercial lending changes involves new guidelines for working capital financing. Most banks appear to be quietly eliminating business lines of credit or severely reducing the amount they are willing to finance to a level which is not helpful to an average business. Very few businesses can survive without a reliable source of working capital, so this change promises to receive the highest priority from most small businesses. To replace the disappearing commercial lines of credit, the most practical options for business borrowers include working capital loans and merchant financing from one of the alternative commercial finance sources still active in small business financing programs.Another business lender change is illustrated by the difficulty of locating investment property financing. An increasing number of banks will make commercial mortgage loans only when the commercial property is considered to be owner-occupied (which means that the commercial borrower occupies a substantial portion of the building). Commercial properties like apartment buildings and shopping centers are often owned by investors that do not occupy the property. For many banks, it appears that they are currently restricting their commercial lending activities to those which qualify for SBA loans (Small Business Administration) which generally exclude investor-owned situations.A third significant business lending change is demonstrated by revised guidelines for refinancing commercial real estate loans. In almost all cases, commercial lenders have dramatically reduced the loan-to-value percentages that they will lend. In some areas and for specific types of businesses, many banks will no longer lend over half of the appraised value. The difficulty for a commercial borrower refinancing an existing commercial loan reach a crisis level very quickly when this happens. In many cases the original business loan was based on a much higher percentage of business value than the bank is currently willing to provide. When a current appraisal reports a decrease in value since the original loan was made, the lending problem is further compounded. This outcome is especially common in the midst of a distressed economy which leads to decreased business income that in turn often produces a lower commercial property value.For a fourth commercial lending change example, many small business owners have already discovered an inflated fee structure from most banks for virtually all small business finance programs. Perhaps the bank perspective for some of the commercial financing fee increases is that they need to find a revenue source to replace the diminishing income from small business loans which has resulted from bank decisions to decrease commercial loan activity. Except for unusual and unavoidable circumstances, business borrowers should seek different commercial funding sources when they encounter suddenly increased business financing fees levied by their current bank.Banks changing their overall guidelines for small business financing produce a final and widespread example of commercial lender changes. Many banks have effectively stopped making any new commercial loans to small businesses regardless of business income or creditworthiness. Unfortunately these banks are not announcing publicly that they have discontinued small business finance activities. This means that while they might accept business loan applications, they do not intend to actually finalize commercial financing in most cases. Whenever it becomes obvious that the bank has no real intentions of making a requested working capital loan or commercial mortgage, this approach has clearly frustrated and enraged business borrowers.The five commercial lending changes described above are unfortunately the proverbial tip of the iceberg. As they approach business lenders to obtain commercial real estate financing, working capital loans and small business financing, business owners will need to be especially skeptical and diligent.

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Pinterest Marketing Part 3 – Small Business Success With Pinterest

Small businesses used to be subject to suppressed marketing from big business, but with the advent of social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc… , small business can market their products efficiently. Pinterest is all about sharing pictures and videos. It is a place where people come to see products of their choice. It can be anything varying from car exhausts to sweaters. If small businesses can display their products well, interested visitors can pin that picture and the picture keeps on getting shared, leading to an efficient marketing system.Efficient marketing leads to a larger number of hits, then it takes the hospitality of the site owner to convert that guest into a permanent client. Small businesses have great products nowadays but the only thing missing is the visibility of the business. The power of Pinterest can be utilized through visualization; a strong image with a pinned post gets re-pinned and gets more user engagement.It is important for small business to pin posts with strong and captivating images, more over introducing one`s business is also an important part of being alive and telling the audience about its existence. Pictures of employees can be very helpful with the introduction part. Pinning such images actually connects you to the audience.Usually small businesses avoid pinning a large number of pictures to avoid chaos because posting similar pictures again and again can actually add negativity to the reputation of the company. When there are a few pictures posted, pinning videos is also a great idea of showing off your products, your business, your employees, fun at work, and so forth. Even videos relevant to industry can be helpful because it helps in providing valuable information to the visitors.I know it’s extremely easy to create pins by just repinning. But you really need to be creative and unique here. People repin things because it is something awesome and great, what they have just seen. But let me assure you they repin that item because they haven’t seen it before.A single post on Pinterest can go viral and can get more and more hits with the passage of time. The best thing about Pinterest is that pictures on Pinterest don`t get obsolete. Even after a year, if a user pins it, it has same chance of getting re-pinned as it was a year back. This is because users keep on changing, human parameters are variable and so are their choices. Every individual has a different set of interests and choices.Small business firms should also add a guest pinboard for users as they may feel more connected with your business. It actually gives you an insight about your users opinions and interests and can be used as a market survey. Similarly a feedback pinboard is also a great idea for engaging customers; customers love to tell about their experiences but only if they are given a suitable platform. Pinterest gives them an option of telling more about your business and that feedback should be treated with high priority and gratitude.Small businesses should not just start using Pinterest without a definite plan. Once you are prepared with a strategy, you should create a well defined plan. You should be ready with the next ten posts when pinning a post. Small business owners should be very careful, as it is the same social media which can make your product the most loved amongst users or the other way around and break you.

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